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Off the Wagon Podcast

"Join me and my guest K.W. Peery as we sit down have some drinks and shoot the shit as only we can on Off The Wagon. The podcast that is never uptight and usually high on something other than life. So grab a few drinks and share some laughs it's time to go Off The Wagon." -Gonzo

Outlaw Poetry

two articles:

~Fat Tony's Thompson & four new poems by KW Peery

~5 poems: Hornet's Nest, Three Hours After, Moments Before the Storm, Visitation Day, Rockland Trust

Jeff Leisawitz Blog

interview with KW Peery: 

  • Drink better bourbon than you think you deserve.
  • Immersion in authentic till your very last word.
  • Don’t say things that folks expect.
  • Keep on dreamin’ …and ignore the rest

Let's Chat! Podcast

"K.W Peery returns to the podcast to chat about his new book ‘Purgatory‘ (out now on Gen Z Publishing). K.W is an author, lyricist and founding member of The Marshall/Peery Project. We chat about our love of sports movies, what shows were watching, how the television landscape has changed and his new book Purgatory."

Rye Whiskey Review

Missouri Series by Spartan Press 2018

Bootlegger's Bluff  is part of this ongoing series of Missouri poets.


Wombwell Rainbow Interview

Q: Why do you write?

A: I have no other choice.

Madness Muse Press Interview

Q: What is one piece of advice you would give new/aspiring writers?

A: Ignore the fucking rules.

Ramingo Blog Interview

Q:What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment as a writer? 

A: Accomplishments are for the self absorbed. I’m a storyteller. 

Chiron Review print edition

"Every issue of CR features poems and stories which challenge readers to the very limit in the tolerance arena. Most readers celebrate this challenge but others cave in to their baser instincts to annihilate all who dare to offend or disagree with them or rattle the foundations of their belief systems. " --Michael Hathaway

Mohave River Review online magazine

Mojave River Press publishes brilliant books and a great e-journal, the Mojave River Review, which is free to read.

Marshall/Peery Project

The creative duo of Kenny Marshall and Kevin W. Peery started in early 2005. Kenny Marshall, a legendary guitar picker and well respected singer/songwriter was paired with an unknown lyricist/storyteller from North Central Missouri, Kevin W. Peery. 


Mad Swirl Blog

poem: Bullets

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